Financial Planning for Business Owners

Advice for Business Owners

Many business owners dedicate most of their time and effort to its growth and success, often neglecting their personal financial picture. This is understandable. But stalling on personal financial planning can create challenges such as insufficient retirement savings, inadequate insurance coverage, and potential financial distress during economic downturns or unexpected life events. We play a vital role in helping you bridge the gap between your business and personal goals.

You identify as:

  • An entrepreneur who is growing their business but wants to make sure that it can support long term personal financial plans.
  • A pre-retiree who is ready to create a succession plan or exit strategy for personal goals.


Feel assured that you know how much you can spend, what you need to save, and how you should invest.

Create a life for you and your loved ones that you could not have imagined.

Have control over your legacy—make the most of the wealth you created.

We Can Help Navigate Financial Uncertainty

Running your own business demands hard work and smart financial decisions, but it's normal to have uncertainties. We help you address these important concerns as part of your larger financial picture:

+ Cash Flow Management
+ Business Growth and Expansion
+ Tax Planning and Compliance
+ Emergency Fund and Contingency Planning
+ Retirement and Succession Planning.

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You want to partner with a financial advisor whose expertise working with people like you. We may be a good fit if you:

  • Are a self-made professional who wants to know your finances can support your retirement and the dreams you have for people you care about
  • Seek step-by-step guidance in balancing today’s desires with tomorrow’s needs
  • Want an ongoing relationship with a financial advisor to help you stay on track 
  • Have at minimum: $300,000 in draw or K1 income, or net business revenue of $500,000, or investable assets of $1,000,000

Ensure Your Finances Are on Solid Ground

Our goal is to help you:

Know where you are:

Get a clear picture of where you stand right now.

Define your goals:

Assess and prioritize what you want to accomplish with your money. 

Align your money and your plan:

Know how to move forward and have a consistent process to help you feel secure. 

We Understand What It Feels Like
 When You Care About Your
 Business… and Your Family

  • We help business owners like you feel confident about the wealth you have built through your own hard work.
  • Senior Wealth Advisor Frank Granizo, CPFA, combines his extensive financial experience and entrepreneurial background to serve as a guide for similar self-made professionals.
  • Frank has a degree in finance and over two decades of experience helping people just like you feel secure that your financial achievements last your lifetime and help those who are most important to you.

A Financial Guide You Can Lean on

You've put in the effort to build your business, and now it's time to enjoy the rewards. However, you may have questions about the future: Can your business create sufficient wealth to take care of you and your loved ones? Will your family be financially secure if something happens to you? Do you have a plan for when you want to exit your business that creates a legacy for your loved ones?

You should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor without worry. At Talisman Wealth Advisors, we guide you through a financial planning process to help you feel confident you really can see the results of your work today and take care of the future too.

We are a fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor based in central New Jersey servicing clients in New York City and throughout the region. We help self-made professionals who are too busy or too overwhelmed to move forward on their finances. We are to help you:

+ Gain a clear picture on what needs to be done now to keep your future secure and meet your goals
+ Put money plans in hand for your biggest dreams, such as enjoying travel, buying a beach house for your family to enjoy, or help your grandchildren pay for college
+ Feel confident you have the financial foundation in place to help support you for the rest of your life
+ Gain relief that you know what needs to be done and you have a team to help with the logistics
+ Stay on track with regular communication and an ongoing process to help get you to your goals


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